Banned Books Week

Celebrate your freedom to read, 
not everyone can! 
Read a banned book today!

Frequently Banned Books List

Teen Fict Ale  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Alexie, Sherman
Fict Alv       In the Time of the Butterflies
Alvarez, Julia     

Fict Ana       Bless Me, Ultima
Anaya, Rudolfo A             

Teen Fict And Speak
Anderson, Laurie Halse

Teen Fict And Twisted
Anderson, Laurie Halse                 

Teen Fict And Feed
Anderson, M.T.

Teen PB Ang    I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Angelou, Maya

Teen PB Ano    Go Ask Alice

Teen Fict Ash  Thirteen Reasons Why
Asher, Jay

Fict Atw       The Handmaid’s Tale
Atwood, Margaret

Teen Fict Bar  The Great Tree of Avalon
Barron, T.A.

Juv Fict Bau   On My Honor
Bauer, Marion Dane

Fict Ben       City of Thieves    
Benioff, David

Juv Fict Blu   Deenie
Blume, Judy

Teen Fict Blu  Forever
Blume, Judy

Teen Fict Blu  Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson
Blume, Judy

Teen Fict Blu  Tiger Eyes
Blume, Judy

Fict Boy       The Tortilla Curtain
Boyle, T. Coraghessan

Fict Bra       Fahrenheit 451
Bradbury, Ray

Teen Fict Bra  Forever in Blue
Brashares, Ann

Teen PB Car    Ender’s Game
Card, Orson Scott

Teen Fict Cas  House of Night series
Cast, P.C., and Kristin Cast

Teen PB Cho    The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Chbosky, Stephen

Juv Fict Cho   Al Capone Does My Shirts
Choldenko, Gennifer

Teen Fict Cli  A Stone in My Hand
Clinton, Cathryn

Teen Fict Col The Supernaturalist
Colfer, Eoin

Teen Fict Col  The Hunger Games Trilogy
Collins, Suzanne

Juv Fict Con   Crazy Lady
Conly, Jane

Teen Fict Coo The Face on the Milk Carton
Cooney, Caroline

Teen Fict Cor  I Am the Cheese
Cormier, Robert

Teen Fict Cor  We All Fall Down
Cormier, Robert

Teen Fict Cra  Carter Finally Gets It
Crawford, Brent

Teen Fict Cru  Athletic Shorts
Crutcher, Chris

Teen Fict Cru  Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
Crutcher, Chris

Teen 305.235 Dau    The Teenage Guy’s Survival Guide
Daldry, Jeremy

Teen Fict Dan  Krik! Krak!
Dandicat, Edwidge

Teen Fict Dan  The Miseducation of Cameron Post
Danforth, Emily M

Teen 306.766 Daw    This Book is Gay
Dawson, James

Teen Fict Des  Just Listen
Dessen, Sarah

Teen Fict Deu  On the Devil’s Court
Deuker, Carl

Teen Fict Doc Little Brother
Doctorow, Cory

Fict Ell       Invisible Man
Ellison, Ralph

Fict Fit       The Great Gatsby
Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Teen Fict For  Just One Day
               Forman, Gayle

Juv B Frank    Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl  
Frank, Anne

Teen Fic Fra   America: A Novel
Frank, E.R.

Teen 305.235 Fre    The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them

Teen Fict Fre  My Heartbeat
Freymann-Weyr, Garret

Teen Fict Fri  Lush
Friend, Natasha

Teen Fict Gai Neverwhere
Gaiman, Neil

Fict Gai       The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
Gaines, Ernest

Fict Gar       Grendel
Gardner, John

Teen Fict Gil  Shattering Glass
Giles, Gail

Teen Fict Goi  Fat Kid Rules the World
Going, K.L.

Fict Gol       Lord of the Flies
Golding, William

Fuct Gou       Jumper
Gould, Steven

Teen Fict Gre An Abundance of Katherines
Green, John
Teen Fict Gre The Fault in Our Stars
Green, John

Teen Fict Gre Looking for Alaska
Green, John

Teen Fict Gre Paper Towns
Green, John

Teen Fict Gre Summer of My German Soldier
Greene, Bette

Fict Hel       Catch-22
Heller, Joseph

Teen Fict Hin The Outsiders
Hinton, S.E.

Teen 613.9071 Hol   Hang-ups, Hook-ups, and Holding Out: Stuff You Need to Know about Your Body, Sex, and Dating
Holmes, Melisa, and Trish Hutchison

Teen Fict Hop  Crank
Hopkins, Ellen

Teen Fict Hor  Snakehead
Horowitz, Anthony

Fict Hos       The Kite Runner
Hosseini, Khaled

Teen Fict 306.76 Hue     GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Queer and Questioning Teens
Huegel, Kelly

Fict Hur       Their Eyes Were Watching God
Hurston, Zora Neale

Fict Hud       Brave New World
Huxley, Aldous

Teen Graphic Kim    The Color of Earth series    
Hwa, Kim Dong

Teen Fict Joh  The Bermudez Triangle
Johnson, Maureen

Teen 305.235 Juk    The Guy Book: An Owner’s Manual
Jukes, Mavis

Fict Key       Flowers for Algernon
Keyes, Daniel

Fict Kin       Carrie
King, Stephen

Teen Fict Kla  Blood and Chocolate
Klause, Annette Curtis

Fict Kle       Dead Poet’s Society
Kleinbaum, N.H

Teen Fict Kor Jake Reinvented
Korman, Gordon

Teen 306.768 Kuk    Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out
Kuklin, Susan

Teen Fic Lac   Hold Still
LaCour, Nina

Fict Lee       To Kill a Mockingbird
Lee, Harper

Teen Fict Les  When Dad Killed Mom
Lester, Julius

Teen Fict Lev  Two Boys Kissing
Levithan, David

Teen Fict Loc  The Boy Book
Lockhart, E

Juv Fict Lon   The Call of the Wild
London, Jack

Teen Graphic Lou    SideScrollers
Loux, Matthew

Teen Fict Lyg  I Hunt Killers
Lyga, Barry

Teen Fict Lyn Extreme Elvin
Lynch, Chris

Teen Fict Mac The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big, Round Things
Mackler, Carolyn

Teen Fict Mac  Vegan Virgin Valentine
Mackler, Carolyn

Teen Fict Mck Shooting Star
McKissack, Fredrick, Jr.

Teen Fict Mea  Vampire Academy series
Mead, Richelle

Teen Fict Mey  Twilight series
Meyer, Stephenie

Fict Mor       Beloved
Morrison, Toni

Teen Fict Mye Fallen Angels
Myers, Walter Dean

Teen Fict Nay Alice series
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

Teen Fict Nix Shade’s Children
Nix, Garth

Fict Obr       The Things They Carried
O’Brien, Tim

Teen Fict Ock  Twenty Boy Summer
Ockler, Sarah

Fict Orw       1984
Orwell, George

Juv Fict Par   Mick Harte Was Here
Park, Barbara

Teen Fict Pau  Harris and Me
Paulsen, Gary

Teen Fict Pec  A Day No Pigs Would Die
Peck, Robert Newton

362.76 Pel     A Child Called It
Pelzer, Dave

Fict Pic       Nineteen Minutes
Picoult, Jodi

Teen Fict Plu  The Body of Christopher Creed
Plum-Ucci, Carol

Juv B Rei      The Upstairs Room
Reiss, Johanna

Teen Fict Ren  Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging
Rennison, Louise

Teen Fict Ren  Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas
Rennison, Louise

Teen Fict Ren  On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God  
Rennison, Louise

Teen Graphic Ril    The Book of Bunny Suicides
Riley, Andy

Teen Fict Row  Eleanor & Park
Rowell, Rainbow

Teen Fict Sal  The Catcher in the Rye
Salinger, J.D.

Fict Sap       Push

Teen B Persepolis   Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
Satrapi, Marjane

Juv 133.42 Sch The Devil: Opposing Viewpoints
Schouweiler, Thomas

Teen Fict Sco  Living Dead Girl
Scott, Elizabeth

Teen Fict Shu  Unwind
Shusterman, Neal

Fict Sit       Prep: A Novel
Sittenfeld, Curtis

B Lacks        The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Skloot, Rebecca

Teen Fict Son  What My Mother Doesn’t Know
Sones, Sonya.

Juv Fict Spe   The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Speare, Elizabeth George

Fict Ste       The Grapes of Wrath
               Steinbeck, John

Fict Ste       Of Mice and Men
Steinbeck, John

Fict Str       Give a Boy a Gun
Strasser, Todd

Teen Fict Sum  Some Girls Are
Summers, Courtney

Teen Fict Tay  Mississippi Bridge
Taylor, Mildred D

Teen Fict Tru  Stuck in Neutral
Trueman, Terry

Teen Fict Twa  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Twain, Mark

Teen Fict Twa  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Twain, Mark

Teen PB Von    Gossip Girl series
von Ziegesar, Cecily

Teen PB Wal    Peter
Walker, Kate

Juv Fict Wat   So Far From the Bamboo Grove
Watkins, Yoko

Teen Fict Wil  Like Sisters on the Homefront
Williams-Garcia, Rita

***List Taken from the American Library Association
Most Banned Books List***


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