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The Agency by Y.S. Lee

Looking for a good mystery?  Look no further .... here are two with a third on the way.  The Agency: A Spy in the House is the first mystery in a series of three by Y.S. Lee.  The books are set in Victorian London at a time when you could be executed for stealing.  Such was the life of Mary Quinn a young girl orphaned and left to somehow make a life for herself.  Mary stole to survive!!  Then, she was caught and ultimately rescued by Miss Scrimshaw's Academy for Girls.  So with a new identity and education Mary began life as a spy in London.  The second book The Agency: The Body at the Tower continues the brief but heartfelt romance between Mary and James.  The third and last book in the series is due out at the end of this month.  Hopefully, The Agency: The Traitor and the Tunnel will answer some of my lingering questions about Mary Quinn!!