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Ghosts? Check. Come join us for a showing of the original  Ghostbusters Movie on Wednesday at 2:30!  Rated PG13 Runtime 2 hours


If one craft is too boring for you, come join us for Craft-a-Palooza! We'll have a variety of crafts for you to pick from or you can decide to make something unique from our supplies! This event will be in the Ruby Room on Wednesday, September 14th at 2:30!

Awesome Libraries

Libraries aren't all the same by any means, but this cool link shows some of the more unique libraries out there! Next time you're in your regular library think about how different it would be if you were waiting for a burro to deliver your books! Unique Libraries

Games & Grub!

The first Wednesday of the month means it's time for Games and Grub! Come play Super Smash Bros, Ping Pong, Darts, board games and more! The event runs tomorrow from 2:30-4!