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JOOI of Reading

For the month of March, the Coronado Library has teamed up with the Octagon Club at the Coronado High School to host their annual JOOI of reading event! The event centers around Dr. Seuss, which is why you will see the teen library decorated for the occasion and Seuss-themed events happening in the Children's library. What this means for teens is a reading contest for fun prizes! There will be a fishbowl, one for each grade, set up in the teen library. For every book you read, or read to someone else, you can fill out a slip and drop it in the bowl for your grade for a chance to win exciting prizes! There's no limit to how many times you can submit a slip, so start reading now! The contest will run from March 1st through March 25th. The drawing for winners will be at noon on the 25th, and if you are one of our lucky winners you will pick up your prize on Marcy 26th at 5pm!  To learn more about what the JOOI of reading is check out:

172 Hours on the Moon

by Johan Harstad a 1 Minute Book Talk


Did you know that if there is a specific book, movie, cd, or talking book that you want that the library doesn't have you can suggest that we purchase it? It's not a guarantee that we will order it, but we always appreciate suggestions so we can be sure to have a collection that you will want to use!  Another option for getting books we don't have is using Inter-Library Loan. For $2 we can try and order a book you are looking for from another library (typically this is done for books that are over a year old).  Unfortunately we can only do this for books, but it is a great option if you are looking for something that we don't have. The book is delivered to the library and when it arrives we call and let you know that you can come pick it up! If you have any ideas tell one of the reference librarians and we can see what we can do to get the materials you want into the library for you to use! 

The Season

by Sarah MacLean a 1 Minute Book Talk

Teen Nonfiction

What makes our teen nonfiction section different from our adult and children's sections is that all books are chosen specially with teens in mind. This means it focuses on teen issues or subjects you might want to find more information about (but might not want to ask someone for help).  We have great materials on growing up, dealing with life stress, and college prep. One of our newer series is called "Illicit and Misused Drugs." This series has a lot of information about the various substances out there and really lets you know the pitfalls and issues associated with them.  We also have some great books on hobbies and crafts, as well as style books. Check out "Lauren Conrad's Beauty" and " The Book Of Styling : An Insider's Guide To Creating Your Own Look," two great new books which give you tips about makeup and clothes!  Our teen nonfiction section isn't huge, but it's been designed with you in mind. Be sure to check it out ne

Falling for You

by Lisa Schroeder a 1 Minute Book Talk

Ways to get Involved at the Library

Libraries are not just a place for books these days, though let's be honest, we certainly have a lot of them!  But we also have movies, CD's, talking books, ebooks, and a ton of activities and crafts that happen every week! There is an event every Wednesday at 2:30 specifically for teens.  Today, we have our monthly Games & Grub. We provide the xBox, Wii, board games, and snacks; you bring yourself and get ready to have some fun!  We also do 2 crafts a month and usually have a movie day. Movies vary, but this month's is The Princess Bride (showing March 20th). We also have a Middle School Book Club, soon to be renamed the Teen Book Club due to the varying ages that attend the group.  We read current fiction, our book this month is There You'll Find Me ! We meet the first Tuesday of every month. If you'd like to join call the library and let us know! If you are looking for a great volunteer opportunity at the library, join our Teen Advisory Board! We meet o


by Alexandra Monir a 1 minute book talk