A Great Site if You're Bored and Love to Read

I recently came across a really interesting website you should check out if you're bored.

The site is called figment.  At figment, people submit short stories for others to read and critique. Most of them only take a few minutes to read, and you can search for stories written about genres that you love. The site has featured authors that change constantly and it spotlights stories that have gotten good reviews from figment members.  One feature on the site that I really like is that it tells you how long typically takes to read a story. I thought that was really helpful, especially since they just give a word count for the story which makes it hard to know how long it actually is in a real sense.

One of the coolest features about figment is that anyone can submit their stories for other people to read and critique. They allow short stories about anything, but do have some guidelines (mainly no plagiarism and keeping it legal). It's a novel way to get feedback from complete strangers.

Figment is a great place to spend some time if you like to read!  Figment.com


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