Julie Kagawa's Lost Prince

I never dreamed that the Iron Fey series would continue through Ethan.  In the first of Kagawa's books, The Iron King, Ethan Chase is kidnapped and taken to the Nevernever.  His older sister, Meghan, a half human-half fey seventeen year old girl, is being drawn into the hidden world of the fey for her powers.  The fey knew she would never abandon her then four year old brother.  This was a sure way to get to Meghan.  In the Lost Prince, Ethan now seventeen has the gift of sight --- he is as aware of the fey as they are of him even though he is all human.  That's where the trouble and fun begins.  Ethan takes us for a ride through the Nevernever and into New York City.  The next book cannot come out quickly enough!!  Julie Kagawa is a terriffic storyteller ~ if you haven't already read these books add them to your list of things to do.


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